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I discovered yoga whilst training in theatre and dance, and very quickly fell in love with the practice. I have always loved to move my body in creative way, but from growing up in the dance world, spending hours in front of mirrors, working on corrections and fixing mistakes, it's fair to say I've become a bit of a perfectionist.


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE to dance, and I'm incredibly grateful for my training, but when I discovered yoga, the shift in mindset was a pretty difficult one, and is still something I am continuing to work on. I am constantly reminding myself that wobbles and falls are to be embraced and celebrated, and that yoga is all about the way the movement feels, rather than the way it looks. 

As a teacher, I aim to provide a space for you to explore, to be playful, and to most importantly, be gentle with yourself. I am big on celebrating small wins, and like to remind my students that just showing up is something to be proud of. Coming from my dance background I teach expressive and fluid sequences, combined with creative and ever-changing music playlists. 

For me, yoga is about freedom, expression, union, and gratitude. It is a path that is forever evolving, both on and off the mat. The beautiful people I've met, the incredible teachers who continue to inspire me, and the sense of community that yoga has given me is so special. I am honestly so proud to get to share this beautiful practice with so many people.


Ready to flow?

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